Is the Creative Arts and Event Center open to the public?

The Creative Arts and Event Center is home to a variety of spaces that may be open to the public during regular business hours. The art gallery on the first floor is open for public viewing. Tours of the overall facility are available by request. Private events are not open to the public.

Is there free public parking?

The downtown location offers multiple free parking options conveniently located near the Creative Arts and Event Center. Street parking is available along with multiple parking lots.

Is the facility handicap accessible?

The building is handicap accessible with modern elevator service providing easy access to all floors of the building. In addition, restroom facilities on both the 1st and third floor are also handicap accessible.

Is “Room Rental Only” an option for my event?

We are primarily a full-service event center, and do not offer room rental only options for weddings or other large formal events.


Public Events &
Activities Questions

Is registration required at all events?

Pre-registration for events and activities taking place at the Creative Arts and Event Center varies. When in doubt, it is always best to consult our online calendar to see if there is a specific contact person or other links to online registration options. If you still have questions, contact our office for more information.

How much does it cost to visit the art gallery on the first floor?

There is no charge for visiting the art gallery located on the first floor of the Creative Arts and Event Center. You may visit the gallery anytime during normal business hours which also serves as a dining room for the SoupHerb restaurant Monday through Friday.

How do I learn more about the upcoming activities taking place?

Visit our online calendar for a complete listing of upcoming events.


Wedding Event

Are there facilities for both ceremony and reception?

Depending on the overall size of the wedding, the Creative Arts and Event Center has facilities to host both the wedding ceremony and reception. Multiple configurations are available that may suit your needs. We look forward to learning more details so we can show you the best options that match your needs. Contact us through our simple online form to learn more.

May we use our own catering service?

We have excellent in-house catering, and also work with a select few preferred vendors to expand certain options. For special requests involving particular ethnic or other items that we cannot reasonably provide through our in-house or preferred vendors, we are open to discuss other external catering options. Please know that our best overall pricing for room rental and other services is reserved for those events where we also supply the catering.  Contact us through our simple online form to learn more.

Do you offer options for Friday or Sunday weddings and/or receptions?

We offer special options if you desire to host your wedding ceremony and/or reception on a Friday or a Sunday. Contact us through our simple online form to learn more.

May we bring in our own alcohol?

The short answer is no. Indiana law requires any establishment with a liquor license must provide all alcoholic beverages served on the premises.


Other Event

Do you have multi-media capabilities for business related events?

We maintain microphones and overhead computer projection equipment available as options for all events. We would like to learn more about your specific needs to make sure we can provide you with the best fit for your needs. Contact us through our simple online form to learn more.

Is SoupHerb (luncheon service on the main floor) the in-house caterer for events?

SoupHerb and the Creative Arts and Event Center are separate businesses, operated by different people, and we maintain separate kitchen facilities. SoupHerb is a preferred catering service for the Art Center subject to availability and capacity. SoupHerb’s primary focus for private events is normally50 people or less, however, please contact Chef Suzanne of SoupHerb directly for any questions about their pricing, availability, or catering options.   Contact us through our simple online form to learn more.

Is the first floor gallery space available for rental?

The gallery space on the first floor is available for rental on a limited basis at this time. Currently, only those events booked and catered by SoupHerb (main floor luncheon restaurant) are using the first floor spaces.   Contact us through our simple online form to learn more.