Insider “Secrets” to know when choosing a Central Indiana Bridal Venue

Insider “Secrets” to know when choosing a Central Indiana Bridal Venue

The Creative Arts and Event Center is one of the best-kept secrets for a great place to hold your event! The feedback from people when they tour our venue helps us better understand the important decision about where to hold their reception and wedding.


One particular comment we always find intriguing is when people tell us: “This venue is so beautiful and reasonable, I had no idea. It’s one of the best-kept secrets around!” This was not unexpected shortly after we opened nearly 7 years ago, but the amazing part is we continue to hear this on a regular basis, most recently just last week!

A lot of folks in Central Indiana don’t realize what a great space this is, and how we can help them host a wonderful event, at very competitive cost.

Trying to find just the right place to celebrate your special day, and feel comfortable about the services and pricing can be very challenging, because most people do this so infrequently, its hard to know where to start.


Another “Secret” we like to share is that Historic Downtown Greenfield Indiana is a charming place for bridal events, and only a short drive from Indianapolis.

Here are a few more “Secrets” to consider when comparing options for venues!

  1. Once you narrow your venue search down to 3 or so possibilities, make it a point to visit in person, and see if the space “feels right” as you imagine your event being held there. It may be a great facility, and maybe even a good price, but if there is no chemistry when you picture your event there, then it’s probably not the right choice. If you have family or friends who are key to making the final decision (perhaps helping to pay the bill), try to have them present when you visit so you can get all the key input.
  2. Room Rental only venues mean a lot of work, and are not for everyone. Venues will generally be either full service (meaning they also supply catering, linens, and staff, in addition to the room), or room rental only. We are a full service facility, and take pride in helping to make wedding day as stress-free as possible!  We always give a line by line breakdown of costs, so our clients can see exactly what our charges are, and what they are paying for.   Room Rental only venues may, or may not be a less expensive alternative in the end. Without question there will have to be a huge effort made if you are coordinating everything on your own. It takes a lot of time and work to set up a large event, and then clean up at the end. Its not uncommon for people to share with us after the fact they greatly underestimated the add-up of all of the separate vendor costs they would need to deal with, and the very stressful task of putting everything together.
  3. If you are planning a small reception, consider the possibility of a Friday or Sunday. Most venues, ourselves included, make the majority of yearly revenue on Saturday evening events, from April through December. As such, there are likely to be minimum financial requirements for the number of guests, or the amount of services on those nights. On Fridays or Sundays, there may be a lot more flexibility to relax some of these minimums and save some money.
  4. Pricing for similar services at different facilities may vary dramatically. Don’t be afraid to shop around. Always compare the “Bottom Line” price for your event at 2-3 locations. Sometimes a single item like a room rental, food, or alcohol cost may be lower at one place, but, when all of the costs are added together, the overall cost can be a lot higher, we all price our products and services a bit differently. Recently, someone told me about the wedding they had recently at a nice downtown Indianapolis facility. I’m sure it was a wonderful affair, but when they told me that the cost was nearly $250 per person, I was a bit in shock. More than four times what most of our clients pay.
  5. Drink packages for alcoholic beverages based on per-person flat rate prices can be very expensive. Be especially careful when it comes to paying for bar service at venues that charge a set fee per person for everyone over the age of 21, regardless of how many drinks are consumed. In our experience, these per-person charges almost always  greatly over-estimates the actual the actual number of drinks served, many venues use this as a major profit center. Recently a visiting DJ shared that at his last reception, the bar manager at that venue told him the couple had paid $1,500 for host bar service at their event. Near the end of the event, he had only served 8 beers. You do the math. For host bars, we charge a one time bar set-up fee, then only charge for the actual drinks served.
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  7. Social Media revenues on the net can be a valuable tool to help evaluate if a venue has faithfully fulfilled clients wishes, but are not a substitute for doing due diligence in person. We take great pride in the large number of positive reviews that have been posted on our behalf, and work very hard to maintain our reputation. No venue of any significant size or volume will have 100% perfect reviews, however venues with many examples of low reviews, or with a wide variation of positive and negative reviews should bear significant caution. Be aware that some large social media rating services can hide positive reviews and report negative reviews, as they try to extort businesses to pay for advertising “to improve their ratings”. We have been solicited by one such business multiple times. They have vaguely  promised to “make any negative review we might have go away, if we agree to a large financial advertising obligation with them”. We steadfastly refuse to do business in this way, and do not return their calls.
  8. Pick your venue first, then finalize the date of your event whenever possible. Bridal parties with some flexibility for dates will have a much easier time finding a great facility, at the right price. Each year we talk to dozens of frustrated potential clients who have set their date “in stone”, and ultimately must accept significant compromises to pay more than they wanted, or accept an inferior facility because they can’t find just the right place, in the right location, for a particular date.

If you would like to make an appointment at the Creative Arts and Event Center for a tour and free estimate, please contact us today at this link!   Contact Form



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